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Home Products Masturbation Cup Pink oral sex for man Masturbation
Pink oral sex for man Masturbation
  • Pink oral sex for man Masturbation
  • Pink oral sex for man Masturbation
  • Pink oral sex for man Masturbation

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  • Model:cup-043
    Net weight:245
    Function:Male masturbation
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    Realistic dildo | best vibrator | pvc dildo | fat pocket pussy
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    Lav*** 25 Piece2024-07-14
    Oce***** 12 Piece2024-07-18
    Tio****** 1 Piece2024-07-18
    Ezd***** 9 Piece2024-07-19
    Mic***** 4 Piece2024-07-18
    Tio******* 20 Piece2024-07-09
    Ant******* 6 Piece2024-07-14
    Est** 27 Piece2024-07-13
    Blu***** 22 Piece2024-07-07
    Kad******* 9 Piece2024-07-07
    Fai******** 7 Piece2024-07-06
    Ran**** 7 Piece2024-07-15
    Dom*** 7 Piece2024-07-07
    Raf** 2 Piece2024-07-11
    Ran****** 14 Piece2024-07-15
    Rob******** 27 Piece2024-07-07
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  • Leonex 2022-09-20
  • If this is one of your first times buying something like this, try looking for a bigger one, it is quite small and i almost couldn’t use it without using a whole lot of lubricant, but other than that, this is an amazing product, it was very easy to clean and served its purpose
  • jesse 2022-07-28
  • Product as described , quick shipping , discreet packaging & feels good. ;)
  • JB 2022-12-24
  • Guys I've bought a few of these different styles but none with suction. First thing first LOTS OF LUBE at first, you can trim back later. Now me I'm partial to a slow edging BJ and I can always throw it in high later. Take the time to go vibe and suction only cause with it all three going ur gonna miss some amazing stuff! I don't know how they do it but if you set suction about 3 clicks and run through the vibe levels pushing the power button letting you feel each one...I swear it feels like a tongue flicking in different areas on different levels.
  • Justin 2023-04-30
  • She loved how it was compareable to me so see enjoy the double play.
  • Holly McGown 2022-07-02
  • I saw a ton of reviews that concerned me like battery life and overall performance so I used it for a good 2 weeks before leaving this review. Overall it's great. It's suction is just enough to not be painful, the vibration is a perfect accompaniment, the battery lasts one longer session with no issues. I just charge it after use and it's ready to go by the time I need it again. Overall I only use one of the many modes, and it works great :) The size is good, and the material is soft. It's not loud and I can use it without anyone in the next room knowing my business. I'd say it's a great toy for the money :) Well worth it. Great overall quality and value.
  • he Dude 2023-01-05
  • Absolutely a must for anyones collection! This is the best suction I have ever seen on a dildo. Use in the shower is a breeze and it fits perfectly in my strap for extra fun. I love the look of the veins and the color. The material is firm but very soft to the touch which makes it easy to use and clean after. If your in the market for your first or just an addition to your collection this toy has so many uses and a great price!
  • Katheryn Castillo 2022-07-24
  • This dildo was so amazing I absolutely love it and will enjoy using. Definitely worth it!!! It’s super realistic as well
  • Desiree 2022-06-29
  • Soft material penetrates well. veins are raised and noticeable. Suction is strong. Holds well. Tapers towards the bottom perfect for stimulating g spot.
  • Westanboo 2022-08-15
  • It feels realistic and has great texture
  • NerdShop 2022-09-07
  • Love this toy. It feels amazing as it stretches you out. Usually like to use this as a transition toy to a bigger one. Wish it was slightly longer, but that’s just my preference.
  • Katie Kelly 2023-03-11
  • This is perfect for beginners in the fact that it’s not too long or thick but just enough to be satisfying. With no balls, there’s less to get in the way and the smoothness allows for easy insertion. The suction is super strong and at such an affordable price, I definitely recommend
  • stacey miller 2022-11-25
  • Realistic and different than most. Maybe make in multiple sizes. No surprises and as advertised.
  • Ayden lutz 2022-08-15
  • It feels so good I came like 6 times everytime I used it I would recommend
  • Richard carpenter 2022-06-12
  • You know that saying “happy wife, happy life”? Well if you are away a lot for work like I am, get this and your life will be easy sailing!
  • Wilkset Kori 2022-07-11
  • The product is awesome, can’t wait for them to make a bigger version for the girthy fella’s
  • Slimm W. 2022-04-28
  • I’m not a thirsty (annoyingly lustful) man nor is sex a rain cloud over my head but having this toy is quite enjoyable and wonderfully comparable to the real thing. I will be using this for as long as it lasts and I plan on buying a full-size doll in the future. My only issue is that I wish it had a built-in warmer but I think my body can make up for that lol. Thank you for making such an amazing product and I look forward to seeing what other products tickle my fancy lol.
  • Evan 2022-08-21
  • This toy is a lot bigger in person, something that's nearly unheard of when it comes to these types of toys haha! Not that that's a bad thing. I usually go for much smaller toys, but it's nice to have some bigger ones for those more adventurous moods. It's very firm and a bit heavy for its suction cup, but it's very easy to clean and well sculpted. I'm very happy with it in the end, and I'm sure this is many people's favorite toy.
  • Brandon 2023-01-27
  • Absolutely love it it’s perfect
  • Joshua Dick 2023-03-21
  • this is one of those "you get what you paid for" items. There is no way to clean this properly. Meaning by the 2nd use it starts to smell. It is well lubricated but I've definitely used better toys. It does feel good but that's about it. For the price it's OK. Buy one for road trips to throw away later. If you want to keep a male toy at home I recommend you buy something else more expensive that can be cleaned and reused multiple times.
  • Jax 2022-08-16
  • It feels amazing not like the real thing and I’m also having a hard time finding a good position other than that it feels nice
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