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Home Products Sex Machine Women's sex machine with dido, fully automatic retraction and insertion
Women's sex machine with dido, fully automatic retraction and insertion
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  • Women's sex machine with dido, fully automatic retraction and insertion

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  • Model: sex-m-A6
    Material: Metal + toughened nylon
    Size: 37*15cm
    Net weight: 3kg
    Colour: pink/black
    Function: Female Masturbator Automatic deflation
  • Kind reminder:
    There may be some deviation between some products and product images, which is considered normal appearance as the products may be regularly upgraded and there may be delays in updating images on the website. Please note, thank you!
    Realistic dildo | best vibrator | pvc dildo | fat pocket pussy
  • $63.40
  • Specifications :
    USA plugUSA plugUK plugUK plugEurope plugEurope plug
  • color :
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  • BuyerQuantityOrder Date
    Con****** 6 Piece2024-06-21
    Fai******* 20 Piece2024-06-18
    Mak****** 20 Piece2024-06-18
    Con*** 10 Piece2024-06-16
    Roc*** 24 Piece2024-06-16
    Ezd*** 17 Piece2024-06-18
    Ezd******* 20 Piece2024-06-18
    Mel****** 28 Piece2024-06-21
    Rob** 12 Piece2024-06-10
    Oce**** 21 Piece2024-06-18
    Sun**** 14 Piece2024-06-14
    Sun** 11 Piece2024-06-10
    Jer******* 29 Piece2024-06-19
    Kik******* 18 Piece2024-06-20
    Mon******* 25 Piece2024-06-08
    Jos*** 30 Piece2024-06-17
    Ren*** 16 Piece2024-06-14
    Ezd******** 17 Piece2024-06-15
    Ini** 3 Piece2024-06-19
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  • RACHAEL 2022-05-21
  • I like how big it is and feels good inside me!! Definitely worth buying :)
  • Nicole 2023-04-28
  • This toy is double the fun. Has dual stimulation from both G and C spots. The toy is super easy to use and easy to clean. It is water resistant but not water proof. It works great for beginners.
  • Cylpuck 2022-09-05
  • Oh my gosh this one... yum!! Loved it so much. I went home and spent an hour on it. Oh so Delicious and soft, yet firm enough to please you. I used it for backdoor play and it was too good. I can't wait to use again tomorrow.
  • Kenneth M Watkins 2022-10-18
  • Love to look at her beautiful very real looking fat labia. This is my favorite type of vagina. I immediately got hard upon playing with it. A little too tight for my liking though, but good value for the money.
  • Dakota Brown 2022-03-23
  • This thing is amazing! I cant believe how many ways there are to use it and I’ve honestly never tried anything like it. I’ve seen toys like this used in videos and I was looking for something similar to try because I just had to know, and this fit my budget well – the price is good enough that I can justify buying it.
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