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Home Products Love Egg Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  • Fish Remote Control Vibrating Egg

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  • Function: 12 Frequency Vibration
    Color: Rose/Purple/Dark Purple
    Egg Size: 16.5 * 3.5 cm/6.5" * 1.4"
    Controller Size: 2.4 * 4.4 * 7.2 cm/0.94" * 1.73" * 2.83"
    Net Weight: 74 g/0.16 lb/2.6 oz
    Power: Lithium battery
    Material: ABS + Silicone
    Package: Color Box
    Further: Waterproof
    Package Size: 20.3*6.1*3.7 CM
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    Realistic dildo | best vibrator | pvc dildo | fat pocket pussy
  • $16.51
  • color :
    Dark Purple
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    Dom****** 16 Piece2024-04-05
    Jer******* 13 Piece2024-04-02
    Oce****** 3 Piece2024-04-11
    Rob**** 9 Piece2024-04-03
    Ini******* 28 Piece2024-04-10
    Sen******** 5 Piece2024-03-30
    Est***** 29 Piece2024-04-11
    Ezd** 20 Piece2024-04-03
    Ren****** 2 Piece2024-04-09
    Tio****** 16 Piece2024-04-10
    Ini****** 17 Piece2024-04-02
    Kik*** 13 Piece2024-03-30
    Mon******* 7 Piece2024-04-07
    Dom*** 20 Piece2024-04-06
    Dri*** 18 Piece2024-03-29
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  • Jerry 2022-10-11
  • It's much softer than this rainbow one I see on Amazon and does feel very life like. Perfect for practicing oral activities and I suggest a good beginner toy Just has a rubbery smell sometimes, it's momentary and usually goes away after clean or use.
  • Kim Bermudez 2023-05-02
  • Probably not gonna find better for the money, Material is good for this price range not as good as some high end stuff but good, Size is definitely not for beginners it not huge but it def medium size. Suction base works very well. There is a reason this is a best seller.
  • Scottie 2022-05-06
  • I wuv my new wubba dingawing. It's just da wite size for muh butt ho
  • Mamalove 2023-01-15
  • I enjoy very powerful vibrations and have a hard time finding one that works for me if you know what I mean. This one works great, is easy to clean, and has a surprisingly long battery life. I love the black box it comes in too--very discreet.
  • Mitchell Anderson 2022-12-29
  • Purchased a few months ago and used occasionally, it's holding up perfectly. Materials quality & manufacturing detail are great, it has a high-class look. The suction cup holds like a vise. Appearance is very realistic, they did a heck of a job.
  • Jonte Jones 2022-11-26
  • I love doing reviews, especially for adult toys and products guys don't typically review. We ordered this because it was safe inside the body
  • Oak Island 2022-05-15
  • What a product! The detail and feel to it are amazing. It is not too firm, not too really is perfect. I love the natural curve that keeps its upward trajectory even when standing! I can't recommend this product more!!! You won't regret it.
  • Noone 2023-02-12
  • Best large size dildo on the market, perfect shape and softness / firmness
  • David the Explorer 2022-06-14
  • Can't believe the price on this great quality dual-layer unit. A real bargain! Overall, well made with perfect size & placement of the inner core. Very soft on the outside but reliably stiff because of the precision core. Super strong suction cup, hefty but small. Nice to find a somewhat thick, but less than 6.5" (insertable) dong. It seems smaller in person than the images, but the dimensions are essentially as listed. However note the dia. is only true as you approach the scrotum, it's noticeably smaller as you move towards the tip (which makes for easy insertion). I agree with one of the other Reviewers, a significant disappointment is the lack of a "skin texture". While there are plenty of surface details (veins, etc), the micro-surface is too smooth. Even when pre-warmed and fully lubed, it feels glossy & slick over most of it, like a real peen with too much oil or vaseline on it.
  • Shayna 2022-05-20
  • I wanted something cheap enough I could afford yet wouldn’t just fall apart after a couple uses. This is exactly what I was looking for! It is soft and feels as realistic as a toy can. If your looking for the best bang for the buck I strongly recommend trying this product!
  • Matthew 2022-11-17
  • I have a couple of toys that I've spent a lot more on this one has made it to my favorite very fast! I can't express of soft it is! I would like one a bit larger but for the price I don't think anything else can compare.
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