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Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg
  • Sprouting Rabbit Lick Wireless Egg

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  • Function: 12 Frequency Vibration
    Color: Rose/Purple/Pink
    Size: 11 * 3.3 * 3.4 cm/4.3" * 1.3" * 1.3"
    Controller Size: 6.8 * 4.5 * 15 cm/2.7" * 1.8" * 5.9"
    Net Weight: 80 g/0.18 lb/2.8 oz
    Power: Lithium battery
    Material: ABS + Silicone
    Package: Color Box
    Further: Waterproof
    Package Size: 14*11*4.5 CM
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    Realistic dildo | best vibrator
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  • Quantity1-23-56-1112+
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    Wholesale Price$8.08$7.51$7.03$6.38
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    Bri******** 27 Piece2024-02-08
    Est*** 22 Piece2024-02-15
    Rob******** 27 Piece2024-02-12
    Ezd******* 21 Piece2024-02-22
    Mic***** 14 Piece2024-02-19
    Ren******* 25 Piece2024-02-19
    Bri****** 25 Piece2024-02-14
    Gre****** 3 Piece2024-02-15
    Ant******** 12 Piece2024-02-19
    Jos*** 31 Piece2024-02-21
    Dom******** 23 Piece2024-02-17
    Con*** 25 Piece2024-02-12
    Mic*** 26 Piece2024-02-14
    Ini******** 16 Piece2024-02-18
    Con***** 6 Piece2024-02-10
    Fai****** 9 Piece2024-02-09
    Ban** 11 Piece2024-02-21
    Kik****** 26 Piece2024-02-22
    Est**** 15 Piece2024-02-14
    Ran** 24 Piece2024-02-16
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  • Asher 2022-08-06
  • I love my new toy I jus got off Amazon it feel so life like when I’m holding it and heavy I love it I’m going to have some fun with this
  • av reviewer 2022-08-29
  • It’s too big but feels really good. It can suction to the wall, so I think it’s worth the money.
  • Xavier 2022-04-25
  • I am a little under age and the walls are thin my mom is in the next room and the vibration is loud I am not able to use it till she goes to work in 2 days everything else about it is wonderful or seems wonderful if you are under age too and like to masterbate I suggest you take the vibration out like cut the wire or something
  • Vajk Marvin 2023-01-25
  • I'd like to say this unit was perfect, ... and it was while it lasted over the 6 weeks, and perhaps 5-6 times of use. Very disappointing to say the least, AND while with my wife! A major let down for the both of us, end of the act as we tried to find out what went wrong. No desire after dealing with the frustration of this unit. Won't accept a charge, as I believe the motors have seized, rendering this item to be nothing more than a curiosity at this point.
  • Kevin Grijalva 2023-02-28
  • The better part about this product is how realistic it actually is. It bends as much as you would ever want the suction cup works awesome. But if ur looking for something massive and realistic this is something you should get. 4 stars because it was not discrete shipping at all.
  • Tedward Unkanoonk 2022-08-19
  • I had low expectations after reading some of the reviews. We are very pleased with this item. I’ll begin by saying it took all of 2 minutes to assemble. My wife did help hold one side while i connected the other tubes. The stool is sturdy and easily handles 200lbs. If i had to come up with something negative, it would be the height (or lack there of. Ive already got a few ideas about how we can add a little height. We are very happy with the purchase and would recommend to others. Im glad we didn’t let the negative comments scare us away.
  • Blair B 2022-05-25
  • Seems sturdy and well built, though we haven't used it yet. It was a little difficult to put together and afterwards for a test she sat on it but said the velcon on the top portion rubbed a little too much, but overall it seems like a good product especially for the price.
  • Lonestar 2022-10-16
  • Great Value - the color is pink was hoping that it was a more realistic Flesh tone
  • Dee Em Cee 2023-04-25
  • t’s solid but too short for my 5’8” tall girlfriend. It was frustrating. She was tipping over. It’s like doing squats to the floor starting from below parallel. I didn’t realize there are others that have adjustable height. I’m surprised there isn’t any companies that really get this stuff right. Those that come close charge a fortune. You could probably make your own with structural pipe such as SteelTek and some heavy duty resistance bands. I’d do it but prefer something less industrial looking for the bedroom.
  • Robyn King 2022-07-25
  • Great toy very large easy to clean would definitely recommend!
  • mukamil 2023-02-28
  • It is small and soft. It is good but it is hard to clean it properly and it is not sensitive enough to feel good
  • Lottie Brooks 2022-09-29
  • I have own a couple of different toys within my lifetime but this one is hands down the best i have ever had. My favorite is the rose end of it hands down but both are really nice I am
  • GD 2022-10-30
  • You're looking for a rather large model of this type product, than definitely order this one it's not for the faint of heart or beginners. Good quality just a bit larger than MY norm.
  • Elijah Salgado 2022-05-07
  • It feels good for those complaining you guys need the real thing lol to value and appreciate this little thing
  • Harry Christopher Moore 2022-12-15
  • Ding ding dong ring my bell ohhh hoo my new favorite toy omg… sticks to anything even textured walls . Perfect perfect perfect
  • Jeffery 2023-01-10
  • Wonderful toy! My partner loves it!
  • @@@Bruins@@@ 2022-12-26
  • This suction dildo does not only look realistic it feels extremely realistic too. It’s made of very high quality, liquid silicone that makes it soft and smoother than most others I’ve ever seen. The unique material makes it easy to clean and it air dries fast.
  • Lucky 2023-03-10
  • I was pleasantly surprised with just how real this actually feels. I really don’t have any complaints at all. The fact of it being very heavy allows for it to not move around much while in use which is definitely a huge plus compared to competing products. Highly recommend!
  • Evangeline 2023-02-26
  • The Rose Sex toy vibrator was delivered fairly fast. It came discreetly packaged, which was nice considering there are lot of young children in our family. The Rose is made from soft and smooth silicone material, and it is also waterproof. The magnetic charger works very fast and quickly charges the toy to the full. It is easy to operate and makes almost no noise. It combines 3 sex toys in one and has multiple frequencies to experiment with. This product has become my most absolute favorite sex toy!!!
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