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Home Products Masturbation Cup Slim Heating Function Masturbator
Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator
  • Slim Heating Function Masturbator

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  • Electric Male Masturbator Cup with 9 Vibration Modes and Heating Function, Male Mastuabors Toys 3D Realistic Vagina Pocket Pussy for Penis Stimulation
    Function: 9 Frequency Vibration, 5 Modes Suction
    Color: Black + Flesh
    Size: 21.2 * 8.5 cm/8.3  * 3.3 inch
    Net Weight: 635 g/1.48 lb/22.4 oz
    Power: Lithium battery/1200 mAh
    Material: ABS + TPE
    Package: Color Box
    Further: Waterproof/Sucking/Voice
    Package Size: 22.7*9.2*9.1 CM

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    Realistic dildo | best vibrator | pvc dildo | fat pocket pussy
  • $50.15
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  • BuyerQuantityOrder Date
    Raf*** 24 Piece2024-07-17
    Sfa****** 20 Piece2024-07-15
    Sun******* 30 Piece2024-07-14
    Mic** 14 Piece2024-07-13
    Tek**** 10 Piece2024-07-12
    Dom***** 31 Piece2024-07-15
    Ant******** 29 Piece2024-07-14
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  • Jonte Jones 2022-11-26
  • I love doing reviews, especially for adult toys and products guys don't typically review. We ordered this because it was safe inside the body
  • Michelle Jimenez 2022-07-27
  • The product is built nicely. I bought it for my wife. Her words: It's a great first time toy. It's not super firm or hard. It's flexible, soft at the tip, has a life like feel. The suction on it is very strong. It's a good product overall and I recommed.
  • Janet 2023-01-03
  • This toy is amazing because it's feels super realistic!
  • Katie Kelly 2022-03-31
  • This is the most realistic feeling and looking dildo I have EVER seen, it’s almost scary. The texture is spot-on and even the veins look real. Would definitely recommend for people new to toys or who want to practice their oral skills since it is on the smaller end
  • Orifice Annihilator 2022-10-21
  • Very impressed with this product. Truly is perfect for beginners. The size is perfect, just long enough so you can feel it and not too long that it's uncomfortable. It is VERY light weight and is extremely soft as well. The toy is flexible and overall looks so realistic it's crazy!
  • Vajk Marvin 2022-05-03
  • This is the first time I have ever tried a toy like this. In my case it was purely for fun, and not for any medical or health purposes. Although I am still getting used to a device like this, I appreciate how easy this has been to use, and how the remote control is able to effect both parts of the toy separately. It works exactly as described. Over the three times I have tried it since its delivery (each time for about 30 minutes), I have had no issues at all with the remote controller's connection, or the battery life. I also definitely appreciate that it is waterproof and has a completely external magnetic charging spot for the included cable. Because of that, it is definitely easy to clean for its next use.
  • Leslie 2022-12-11
  • Very easy to handle, this is my first time using something like this and it is very soft and pleasurable, I usually don't experience an orgasm but this little Rose bud got right to to point and I must of had the best experience of my 66yrs in my life!! I would recommend this to anyone that hasn't tried an adult toy or anyone for that matter. She's easy to clean, charge and keep in a discreet place so no one needs to no my secret. But I do recommend this pretty little Rose bud!
  • Matthew 2022-11-17
  • I have a couple of toys that I've spent a lot more on this one has made it to my favorite very fast! I can't express of soft it is! I would like one a bit larger but for the price I don't think anything else can compare.
  • Brain Scion 2022-06-23
  • This product caused me pain. Not sure if that's a good thing, or if I should seek medical care. Probably just gonna keep it around so I can stick it on a car that's riding my ass. DO NOT USE THIS FOR YOUR FIRST TIME, unless you are made of elastic.
  • Slimm W. 2022-04-28
  • I’m not a thirsty (annoyingly lustful) man nor is sex a rain cloud over my head but having this toy is quite enjoyable and wonderfully comparable to the real thing. I will be using this for as long as it lasts and I plan on buying a full-size doll in the future. My only issue is that I wish it had a built-in warmer but I think my body can make up for that lol. Thank you for making such an amazing product and I look forward to seeing what other products tickle my fancy lol.
  • FallenOne 2023-02-04
  • Its a good product to play with… i have passed many in joyable moments with it… the size is a bit small but non the less it gets the job done…
  • Gabrielle 2022-11-19
  • I really should have read how big this is! I mean I love it but it was definitely a shock when I got it out of the box! Personally due to the size I do not recommend this particular one for beginners-but it’s definitely worth going for!
  • acoc 2022-09-27
  • I wouldn’t advise for heavy people but if fits well it’s enjoyable!
  • Ruben C. 2022-12-29
  • Good buy. Soft, but not to soft. Feel great. Definitely worth the price!
  • mukamil 2022-09-25
  • Guys, i know how crazy and skeptical things from amazon can be at times and i’m never one to write reviews but THIS? This needed a review. I was amazed at how soft, jiggly, and easy it was to use. The damn toy basically took control of me
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