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Home Products Steel Cock Cage Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3
  • Rainbow Male Metal Chastity Cage HTV3

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  • Are you ready to show off the Rainbow colors to your Master?
    In order to be the fanciest sub out of them all, It is time to get a Prismatic Holy Trainer V4. This version like all other HTV4 Steel versions has significant weight to it, which will remind you who you belong and obey. Prismatic HTV4 comes in multiple cage and ring sizes which guarantees that you will find the perfect fit for long-term wear.
    This item is Rainbow Gold Plated by Vacuum metalizing. Vacuum metalizing involves heating the coating metal to its boiling point in a vacuum chamber, then letting condensation deposit the metal on the substrate's surface. It is a non-pollution and Body Safe technique for Steel coating. Made out of Stainless Steel 316 Body-Safe & Medical grade.

    4 different Rings: 
    S: 36mm/1.42"
    M: 40mm/1.57"
    L: 45mm/1.77"
    XL: 50mm /1.97"

    Full Length
    S: : 60 mm (2.36 inch)
    M: 80 mm (3.14 inch)
    L: 85 mm (3.34 inch)
    XL: 95 mm (3.74 inch)
    XXL: 105 mm (4.13 inch)

    Inside the Tube Length
    S: 25 mm (0.98  inch)
    M: 35 mm (1.37 inch)
    L: 40 mm (1.77 inch)
    XL: 50 mm (1.97 inch)
    XXL: 60 mm (2.40 inch)
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    Realistic dildo | best vibrator
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  • Daniel 2022-03-27
  • Just like it said, with the dual density it feels real and looks real. This would be comfortable as a double too.
  • @@@Bruins@@@ 2022-12-26
  • This suction dildo does not only look realistic it feels extremely realistic too. It’s made of very high quality, liquid silicone that makes it soft and smoother than most others I’ve ever seen. The unique material makes it easy to clean and it air dries fast.
  • WDP. 2022-06-27
  • Really sturdy.
  • acoc 2022-09-27
  • I wouldn’t advise for heavy people but if fits well it’s enjoyable!
  • Matthew 2022-05-05
  • My friend was feeling a little down and lonely if you get my drift, so i thought i would buy her something that would make her smile and it did the trick.... She said it was her new best friend from now on. So it was well worth it. Best buy.!!!
  • Peasaint 2022-12-04
  • I was actually not expecting much since this was on sale but I was blown away by the quality when I opened the box. It feels more expensive than most of the other toys I’ve bought that cost twice as much. It completely blew me away when I used it. It’s absolutely hands down the best toy I’ve ever had and I’ve had dozens of different toys. The battery lasted surprisingly long. It was easy to insert. Remote works great. Nothing bad to say. Im glad I chose this toy because I was debating on another that was twice the price.
  • Nyla McBride 2022-11-08
  • So this being my first toy I've bought I will say, size is very intimidating at first. But, it is completely worth it. It does exactly what it needs to do and with it's size, much more. A great buy!
  • B.g 2022-04-08
  • No está mal, supongo que cumple su función y además, tiene un buen tamaño, personalmente me gustó.
  • Lonestar 2022-10-16
  • Great Value - the color is pink was hoping that it was a more realistic Flesh tone
  • JB 2022-12-24
  • Guys I've bought a few of these different styles but none with suction. First thing first LOTS OF LUBE at first, you can trim back later. Now me I'm partial to a slow edging BJ and I can always throw it in high later. Take the time to go vibe and suction only cause with it all three going ur gonna miss some amazing stuff! I don't know how they do it but if you set suction about 3 clicks and run through the vibe levels pushing the power button letting you feel each one...I swear it feels like a tongue flicking in different areas on different levels.
  • Tyler 2022-11-04
  • The internal textures are out of this world. Naturally when I opened the box I was a little skeptical so I opened everything up and opened each entry to see the inside. With a dry finger I felt the texture of each. Needless to say I immediately prepped to give it a full try. Perfect size for laying on your back or propped on a folded pillow. Easy to clean and comes with a drying stick. Only takes a few minutes to dry. Comes with a very nice storage bag. The box it comes in is very
  • stacey miller 2022-11-25
  • Realistic and different than most. Maybe make in multiple sizes. No surprises and as advertised.
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