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Home Products Masturbation Cup Men's masturbator double head double shock handsfree(black)
Men's masturbator double head double shock handsfree(black)
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  • Men
  • Men
  • Men's masturbator double head double shock handsfree(black)

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  • Model:cup-034
    Net weight:550
    Function:Male masturbation,Use at both ends,Pudenda and teeth,12 frequency vibration,Interactive pronunciation,Hands free
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    Realistic dildo | best vibrator | pvc dildo | fat pocket pussy
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    Raf***** 15 Piece2024-07-18
    Bri**** 14 Piece2024-07-06
    Sfa******* 20 Piece2024-07-15
    Xwm****** 21 Piece2024-07-16
    Kad******* 10 Piece2024-07-14
    Est*** 11 Piece2024-07-15
    Ant******* 11 Piece2024-07-06
    Blu******* 26 Piece2024-07-11
    Ant******** 3 Piece2024-07-12
    Lav** 12 Piece2024-07-14
    Ban***** 30 Piece2024-07-09
    Ini**** 19 Piece2024-07-05
    Oce** 1 Piece2024-07-04
    Ren** 24 Piece2024-07-05
    Ban*** 14 Piece2024-07-11
    Raf**** 12 Piece2024-07-18
    Tio***** 17 Piece2024-07-16
    Sen****** 1 Piece2024-07-16
    Rhe*** 20 Piece2024-07-09
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  • Mister B 2022-12-09
  • Bought this as a replacement for when my man is on the road and also for some kinky video play. The color wasn’t a natural color but it’s nice looking. I think it may be taller than advertised lol it seems way bigger unless I measured my man wrong lol let’s hope it’s not correctly advertised. Lol have to measure and update my review. Great suction, flexible and a great beginner dildo!
  • acoc 2022-09-27
  • I wouldn’t advise for heavy people but if fits well it’s enjoyable!
  • Leslie 2022-12-11
  • Very easy to handle, this is my first time using something like this and it is very soft and pleasurable, I usually don't experience an orgasm but this little Rose bud got right to to point and I must of had the best experience of my 66yrs in my life!! I would recommend this to anyone that hasn't tried an adult toy or anyone for that matter. She's easy to clean, charge and keep in a discreet place so no one needs to no my secret. But I do recommend this pretty little Rose bud!
  • TarynHolz 2022-10-20
  • Very strong vibrations. Really good for the money. The remote is very convenient too. The tapping feature was a surprise as it seemed to just sit at the right spot. Can’t recommend this item enough if you’re interested in p-spot massage.
  • Lexi light 2022-12-13
  • It's very realistic and a great size overall! Very satisfied!
  • Carlos cadena 2023-03-09
  • Good for price
  • Avery Wozniak 2022-05-13
  • So I had seen a few reviews and decided to order the Rose for my fiancé to give her a different type of “toy” that’s not your everyday basic vibrator and the results she got from it was phenomenal! Unlike any other sexual experience with a vibrator you could possibly have. Honestly this is probably the best sex toy I could have possibly bought for her and she absolutely LOVES IT!! Definitely recommend getting one for your girlfriend or spouse! She will thank you in more ways than one!!
  • Ali Boyd 2022-07-01
  • I took a HUGE chance and right as the new year approached, I wanted to try something different. Something that would keep me engaged and not out there messing around. Just ready to chill with all that. So I found this to be a gift to myself and it is worth it! How in the world they mastered the auction feeling is beyond me. But it has a great grip and many settings to chose from, especially once you figure out which one works best for you. Highly recommended.
  • Nathanael Stewart 2023-05-03
  • I’m really glad I ordered this device. At first I was disappointed that the vibration couldn’t be turned off but once I used it, I don’t think it would be as amazing without it. I like that the suction button can be held down to allow full control of the function. Amazing product, definitely recommend.
  • Harry Christopher Moore 2022-12-15
  • Ding ding dong ring my bell ohhh hoo my new favorite toy omg… sticks to anything even textured walls . Perfect perfect perfect
  • NerdShop 2023-01-23
  • Perfectly Described. I was searching for a "realistic" toy and saw some hefty price tags up to $600. I took a chance on this. OMG. It is amazingly lifelike. While this is larger than the average (5") penis it is certainly not ominous.
  • Ian 2023-05-09
  • This toy works so well it's insane, granted nothing is better than the real thing but this is as close as it gets I was blown away by how real feeling it looks and feels its also a lot bigger than it looks in the pictures, I have personally seen a increase in my stamina and performance with my significant other after using it in my alone time. I like its size but I will personally be going for a bigger one next time seeing what the 14LB looks like I have high hopes for the bigger options!
  • Immanuel 2022-12-14
  • Great suction, Easy cleaning. Feels great and realistic! Nice and thick! Definitely Recommend! Length is great. Nice and firm but soft texture.
  • Lottie Brooks 2022-09-29
  • I have own a couple of different toys within my lifetime but this one is hands down the best i have ever had. My favorite is the rose end of it hands down but both are really nice I am
  • Greg brog 2022-06-24
  • It’s so realistically soft Easy to clean I don’t usually like using toys but this may be one of my favorites so far
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