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Home Products Anal Plug FAAk Silicone Anal Plug Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )
  • Small spiral anal plug FAAK (062 )

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  • Model: FK-062
    Material: PVC
    Size: 12*6.7cm
    Net weight: 333g
    Colour: black,purple,skin color
    Function: Small spiral anal plug, environmental protection and health, easy to clean, moderate hardness and lifelike shape
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    Realistic dildo | best vibrator
  • $23.58
  • color :
    blackblackpurplepurpleskin colorskin color
  • Quantity1-23-56-1112+
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    Wholesale Price$23.58$21.93$20.51$18.63
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    Ran****** 30 Piece2024-02-10
    Mon***** 26 Piece2024-02-22
    Gre** 10 Piece2024-02-22
    Tio*** 14 Piece2024-02-13
    Est** 8 Piece2024-02-19
    Bri******* 22 Piece2024-02-18
    Dom**** 14 Piece2024-02-08
    Blu******* 29 Piece2024-02-16
    Mak*** 17 Piece2024-02-19
    Roc*** 27 Piece2024-02-13
    Jer*** 18 Piece2024-02-22
    Lav******** 14 Piece2024-02-09
    Gre******** 30 Piece2024-02-21
    Oce******** 11 Piece2024-02-17
    Jer**** 21 Piece2024-02-15
    Dom****** 12 Piece2024-02-14
    Sfa******** 31 Piece2024-02-18
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  • Kenneth M Watkins 2022-10-18
  • Love to look at her beautiful very real looking fat labia. This is my favorite type of vagina. I immediately got hard upon playing with it. A little too tight for my liking though, but good value for the money.
  • Ayden lutz 2022-08-15
  • It feels so good I came like 6 times everytime I used it I would recommend
  • Solar 2023-03-18
  • Absolutely love this toy my man love to see me on video chat when traveling so this toy and some thin cum lube worked perfectly for our nightly kinky video chat. The quality was great definitely felt amazing. A perfect thickness as well. You will enjoy this toy the quality and definitely the affordability
  • CV 2023-02-08
  • Chair is good, supports weight well enough for me. Construction feels sturdy and assembly is very easy.
  • Tyler 2022-11-04
  • The internal textures are out of this world. Naturally when I opened the box I was a little skeptical so I opened everything up and opened each entry to see the inside. With a dry finger I felt the texture of each. Needless to say I immediately prepped to give it a full try. Perfect size for laying on your back or propped on a folded pillow. Easy to clean and comes with a drying stick. Only takes a few minutes to dry. Comes with a very nice storage bag. The box it comes in is very
  • JC92 2022-04-07
  • I refer to this toy as the soul snatcher 4000. It gives the soul lifting pleasure to the clitoris with the sucking motions and the vibration. Real squirter. And the dildo end of the toy is is amazing for anal play. The way the throbbing Motion increases pleasure for my girlfriend and makes her wetter than she is already. Soaker. Using this toy while pleasing your significant other yourself is a sure fire way to be sure she comes repeatedly.
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